MBA Australian National University, Bachelor of Arts, University of Western Australia

Ed Russell is a Senior Lecturer at the College of Business and Economics at ANU and Deputy Head of School
for the School of Management, Marketing and International Business. A former Chief-of-Staff to the
Commonwealth Minister for Health, Community Services, Women’s Affairs, he was the principal adviser and
spokesman for this senior Cabinet minister in the Australian National Government. He supervised the
preparation of budget submissions and major reform programs in areas such as private health, Aboriginal
health, and immunisation.

He also has experience as Chief-of-Staff in the Office of the Leader of the Opposition in Western Australia,
Director of the Office of the Premier, and Director of the Parliamentary Services Branch of the Ministry of the
Premier and Cabinet in Western Australia, Principal Private Secretary to the Attorney- General, Crown Law
Department and Policy Executive, and in the Ministry of Consumer Affairs in Western Australia.

He has consulted on general management, privatisation and administrative reform, and the design of database
systems and information management. Ed is an expert in survey design and the conduct of Internet-based
surveys. Clients have included the Western Australian Health Department, the Australian Defence Department,
Centrelink, the World Bank, AusAid, and enterprises in Australia and China.

Information Technology Expertise
Since 1987 Ed has been involved in Government information technology and communications policy. His
research interests are in government and business applications of information and knowledge management
systems. He is familiar with website development including CGI programming, Unix system administration,
relational database development and administration, and document management technology such as
SGML/XML. Ed is an expert in the standard office applications, including some application development using
Visual Basic. Since 1999 he has taught courses in E-Commerce and Strategy at postgraduate level.

His consulting experience includes:
● A review and analysis of the strategies and methods proposed by GenerationOne for Vocational Training and
Employment Centres (VTECs)

● An evaluation of Jobs Fund Projects where we visited and captured examples of best practice and innovation
in 23 successful Jobs Fund projects around Australia

● A survey and evaluation of the Indigenous Capital Assistance Scheme

● A Strategic Review of Centrelink’s internal communications

● An assessment of the sustainability of the Australian National Child Offender Register (ANCOR) for CrimTrac

● An environmental scan of the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system (ANPR) for CrimTrac

● A review of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia and Medsafe, New Zealand as part of a large
change project as the two organisations considered merging

● A system-wide review of School-Based Management in the ACT

● A Business Skills Review for the Defence Department’s Industry Division