Renewing a Vital Indigenous Voice and Community Asset – The Indigenous Broadcasting and Media Sector [READ REPORT]

A number of our reports have been published by Government Departments and can be accessed online.

Evaluation of the National Indigenous English Literacy and Numeracy Program for the Department of Education, Science and Technology[READ REPORT]

TIGERS : a conceptual analysis of the performance and achievements of Trials Of Innovative Government Electronic Regional Services. Published in Telecommunications Journal of Australia, Spring 2003 … [READ REPORT]

Report on the Evaluation of School-Based Management in the ACT[READ REPORT]

Summary report on the findings of the review of National Indigenous Television (NITV
) November 2009 … [READ REPORT]

Hugh Watson Consulting also developed the framework which is used for reporting annual National Indigenous Education outcomes for the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. The National Report to Parliament on Indigenous Education and Training enables the Minister to report to each House of the Australian Parliament according to Section 17A of the Indigenous Education (Targeted Assistance) Act 2000. It tracks progress in Indigenous education and training and discusses issues under the major goals of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Policy (AEP)